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Gold was first found in the Kilo-Moto region in the northeast DRC in 1903, with the establishment of the Kilo and Moto mines in 1905 and 1911 respectively. Since 1903 to Independence (1960) over 11 Moz of gold has been mined from this region. Of this 11 Moz, 3 Moz was removed by the Belgian Charter companies between 1950 and 1960 (Mine Web, 2011).

Our controlling equity in following DRC companies: KGL-Somituri SPRL (71.25%); KGL-ERW SPRL (75%); and KWR Iron SPRL (75%) endow us with the rights to explore for, or mine gold and other commodities over an area of 2782 km² of land associated with the Ngayu and Isiro greenstone belts, both of which are subsets of what is defined as the “Kilo-Moto” region, a semi-continuous Archaean Kabalian greenstone belt in the northeast DRC.

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